Congratulations if you’re reading this page then you’re more than likely a VIP Pass Holder!


Terms and Conditions

  1. These written terms and conditions and the privacy policy apply to the Boost Trampoline Parks VIP Pass membership.


  1. The VIP Pass will expire on the first day of the month displayed on the card.
  2. Renewal of VIP Passes is at the discretion of Boost Trampoline Parks.
  3. Factors that will count towards renewal of VIP Passes include: regularity of use and social media mentions.

Using the VIP Pass

  1. The VIP Pass allows the card holder and up to four guests to enjoy a one hour jump session at ANY Boost Trampoline Parks venue.
  2. Please note the VIP Pass can only be used once per day.
  3. The VIP card holder MUST be present with the four guests for the VIP pass to be accepted.
  4. With the VIP card, no booking is necessary.


  1. Boost Trampoline Parks reserves the rights to cancel the validity of any VIP Pass.