Price £7.50 per hour


Boost Fitness is a program where the laughter almost outweighs the getting fit.

For just £7.50, you get a full hour of low impact / high intensity, fat-burning bounce routines. After just a few sessions, you’ll notice the change. Less flab – more muscle. You’ll feel brighter and sharper – more alert, more ‘on-the-ball’.

Level of difficulty: I (Low) II (Medium) III (High)

MONDAY – 90s Bounce (II)

Get Jumpin’ Jumpin’ with this fun class based entirely on the trampoline


TUESDAY – Bootcamp (III)

Go hard or go home. Starting with an Assault Course using the whole park, then moving on to 8 different stations of intense work, using the entire body and leave knowing you’ve smashed it with nothing left to give. *Not all based on the trampoline, equipment may also be used*


WEDNESDAY – Circuits (II)

HIT it up with this fat burning circuits session which is based on and off the trampolines


THURSDAY – Glow in the Winter / Sweat in the Summer (I)

Based on the trampoline, don’t be afraid to come and sparkle! Perfect for beginners.

Sweat in the Summer: April – September

Glow in the Winter: October – March


“Never before has getting fit and keeping fit been so much fun.”


  • Before your first BOOST FITNESS session, you’ll need a pair of special BOOST ‘grip socks’ – available from reception and yours to keep for just £2.
  • You must be at least 16 years old.
  • Before your first session, you’ll need to fill in a Liability Waiver.

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