Covid19 Lockdown Booking Cancelations:

Covid 19 Lockdown Bookings:

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic & the short notice closure of our parks, some of our guests bookings have had to be cancelled.

When we were served the very short notice to close our doors on the evening of the 20th March, we only had time to secure our site and depart the office – unaware of how long we may have to pay our bills without any income.

As you can imagine, our focus since then has been on protecting the financial integrity of the business so we can continue to employ our ‘hundred or so’ local staff, and continue to provide a service to our local community should the lockdown be lifted.

This has meant adhering strictly to our Terms and Conditions, until now.

We understand the frustration & inconvenience that this will have caused for which we are truly sorry.

Now that we have the opportunity to re-open, we have decided to make special amendments to our Terms and Conditions in an effort to make put right. We are crediting your account with 150% of your lockdown booking value!

Thats the value of your booking plus half again!

This credit has automatically been applied to your account (the account linked to this email address) in the form of a Boost E-voucher and is valid against all ‘sessions’ for 1 year from date of of his email.

Boost E-vouchers can be used when booking sessions via our website – just add the code at the checkout and the booking value will be deducted from the total voucher value!

If your booking was cancelled & you would prefer to have your booking refunded rather than take advantage of this credit please complete the refund application form below. Refunds are not guaranteed, will be considered on a case by case basis by our case handlers, and may take up to 45 days to issue.

Your details will then be sent to our refunds department & could take upto 45 days to be resolved.
* (Please do not contact our contact centre with regards to refunds as they will be unable to help as this will be sent direct to Boost head office for processing )

    * Mandatory fields